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Total Records: 8
How do you know :   I am a parent
Comments : Thanks for impacting our children in this present world that lacks authentic of everything good. We will always be grateful for your kind gesture. Happy Birthday special principal.
Updated on : 20-Feb-2018
How do you know :   I am an ex-student
Comments : Year 2000 Batch.What I am today is just because of what the School taught me viz.Discipline,Values and all the life skills.I still remember Father D'Souza, Father Gregory,More Sir,Kazmi Sir,Abbas Sir.ThankYou All for shaping my life.ThankYou So Much. I owe you all everything.
Updated on : 17-Feb-2018
Jitendra Singh
How do you know :   I am an ex-student
Comments : It feels great to browse and explore the website of SJC, it made me remind all the memories with this great institution in a flash. I would like to convey my regards to the Principal, Vice Principal, Head Master and all the Teachers. At the same time I would also like to share my feeling to the students, that you are very lucky to be a part of such a high prestige institution which ultimately gives a responsibility to always do good to the society, in terms of your academics, extra curricular activities and a overall personality. Wherever you would be in future this basic learning in SJC will going to play a key role in your life. With good wishes. Jitendra Singh Senior Manager Hindustan Aeronautic Limited (HAL) Lucknow Ex-Student SJC (2000 Pass Out)
Updated on : 18-Jan-2018
Private Service
How do you know :   I am an ex-student
Comments : It was lovely seeing the website. Missing SJC
Updated on : 30-Oct-2017
How do you know :   I am an ex-student
Comments : Respected Principal and Teachers, Congratulations for this upgraded version of the website. One must appreciate the planning and efforts to showcase the past and present of the school/college so as to give a clear vision and future projections. Alumni association needs a boost. May i please request the website administrator to collect and upload old group photos of the students at various levels and classes from the college record for over past 50 years which may generate a will amongst alumni to associate, interact and contribute for their Alma mater. Further, the students presently studying may get motivated to see their seniors at various places as entrepreneurs, academicians, sports person, managers, administrators, politicians, etc. Thanks and good luck ARS
Updated on : 10-Aug-2015
How do you know :   I am an ex-student
Comments : wonderful site with beautiful photograph. While going through site missing our school life and SJC
Updated on : 08-Apr-2015
Rachit Pandey
How do you know :   I am an ex-student
Comments : Everything is perfect. Missing SJC.
Updated on : 28-Jul-2013
Abhishek Sachdeva
How do you know :   I am a student here
Comments : It is an awesome website the best website any school can have just love this website :) :)
Updated on : 01-May-2013

Total Records: 8