Annual Sports Day Report
01 2017-2018
The Post Centenary XXXIII Annual Athletic Meet and P.T. Display, 2017 at St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj

Bright clear and sunny skies ushered in the most awaited event of Prayagraj - the St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj Post Centenary XXXIII Annual Athletic Meet and P.T. Display 2017. The Meet began with the arrival of the Chief Guest, His Excellency, Shri KesariNathTripathi, the Governor of West Bengal, the Guest of Honour, Rev.Fr. Louis Mascarenhas, the Vicar General of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Prayagraj, Rev.Fr. K.K. Anthony, Director of DDWS, Sister Mariott CJ, Principal of St. Mary’s Convent Prayagraj, Sister Roshini, Provincial Superior, Rev.Fr.Reginald D’Souza, Director of Nazareth Hospital,Mr. Badal Chatterjee, ex – commissioner and an alumnus of SJC, Mr. HarshvardhanBajpayee, a sitting MLA in the State Government and other distinguished guests along with the Principal, Rev.Fr.Rolfie D’Souza, the Vice Principal, Rev.Fr. Joseph Sagayanathan, the Headmaster, Rev.Fr. Titus Lobo. The Torch and the College Flag were blessed in the Prayer Room as the Opening Prayer was offered to the Almighty to shower His blessings on the afternoon’s celebrations and on the College Management, Staff and students. The Chief Guest hoisted the College Flag accompanied by the singing of the College Anthem. The Opening Ceremony performed by the students of Class IX was acolourful portrayal of the vibrant unity in diversity amongst the various States of our great Nation. A very important message was also given to the audience to be part of the solution to stop pollution to sustain a clean environment for the future generations.

The College March Past led by Yashasvi Raj the college captain, was a magnificent display of discipline, coordination and the impeccable synchronization of all the different squads of the various Houses- St. Patrick (Green), St. Andrew (Blue), St. Francis (Gold) and St. George (Red) which was followed by the Oath taking Ceremony led by the College Athletic Captain,SaptarshiLahiri. The Chief Guest, His Excellency, Shri KesariNathTripathi addressed the gathering, congratulating them on the 133 rd Annual Athletic Meet and P.T. Display 2017 and encouraging them to continue in the development of their mental and physical strengths inculcating discipline and moral values in the students. He said that the Institution gives ample opportunities to the students who will have to face and overcome a lot of difficulties and challenges on the road to success. He then declared the Post Centenary XXXIII Annual Athletic Meet and P.T. Display, 2017 Open as the College Sports Cauldron was collectively lit by the Vice Athletic Captain, RaiyyainQamar, the Athletic Captain, SaptarshiLahiri and the College Captain,Yashasvi Raj with a spectacular display of fireworks.

The students of the LKG and Prep Sections presented the magic of Disneyland and the Cartoon Network in their event, Toon Fiesta,dressed up as their favourite cartoon characters- Mickey Mouse, Winnie The Pooh and the highlight being Barbie and Ken.

The next exciting event for the day was the 100 Metre Race in which the boys competed with great stamina and vigour trying to gain more points for their respective Houses.

The Results were as follows :

‘D’ Divison:

1st Abhay Samuel Das – Blue House– 14.22s

2ndMayank Singh – Gold House – 14.53s

3rdYuvraj Singh – Green House – 15.66s

‘C’ Division:

1stShashankBharadwaj – Green House - 14.19s

2ndAyush Singh – Green House – 15.38s

3rdRameez Khan – Red House – 16.25s

‘B’ Division:

1stPavitr Agarwal – Gold house – 12.34s

2ndKumar Utkarsh – Red house – 12.59s

3rdAakash Srivastava – Red House – 12.70s

‘A’ Division:

1st Ishan Agarwal – Green House – 12.12s

2ndJeet Sinha – Red House – 12.32s

3rdAavaigh Chaurasia – Blue House – 12.40s

‘O’ Division:

1stHarsh Jaiswal – Green House – 11.47s

2ndAbdul Shakir Ansari – Blue House – 11.69s

3rdMohd. Yasir Khan – Green House – 11.78s

The students of the Classes III and IV portrayed their mathematical genius in their Drill,the Power of Seven.

This was followed by the 200 Metre Race of the ‘A’ and ‘O’ Divisions.

The Results of which were as follows:

‘A’ Division:

1stJeet Sinha – Red House – 26.03s

2ndRudraakshPratap Singh – Red House – 26.10s

3rd Ishan Agarwal – Green House – 26.35s

‘O’ Division:

1stHarsh Jaiswal – Green House – 24.53s

2ndAbdul Shakir Ansari – Blue House –25.00s

3rdMohd. Yasir Khan – Green House – 25.09s

Harsh Jaiswal broke the existing record, setting a new one of 24.53 seconds. He was also declared the Fastest Boy of S.J.C.

The Students of Classes I and II were up next with a colourful depiction of the beauty of Nature with the Drill, Nature’s Kaleidoscope dressed up as gorgeous flowers, caterpillars and butterflies.

The Inter House Relay (4x100 Metres) ‘A’ and ‘O’ Divisions was next in which the students showcased their stamina and coordination with each other.

The Results of which were as follows:

‘O &A’ Division:

1stGreen House – Harsh Jaiswal, Mohd. Yasir Khan, Mohit Ahuja, Ishan Agarwal – 50.84s

2ndRed House – Tushar, Raiyyan, Jeet Sinha, AtirYunus Khan – 51.13s

3rdBlue House – AavaighChaurasira, Harsh Vikram Singh, Abdul Shakir Ansari, Altamash Hussain – 52.12s

The Green House Relay Team set a new record of 50.84 seconds.

The students of Class V spread awareness about the importance of the various traffic rules and restrictions in their P.T. Drill, Life is Precious, dressed up as traffic lights and riding bicycles.

The 100 Metre Hurdles of the ‘A’ and ‘O’ Divisons was next, in which not only their speed but also their persistent focus and determination were tested.

The results of which were as follows:

‘A’ Division:

1stAavaighChaurasia – Blue House – 17.13s

2ndAtirYunus Khan – Red House – 17.19s

3rdShashwatDwivedi – Green House – 20.58s

‘O’ Division:

1st Syed Sufiyan Zia – Red House - 15.05s

2nd Rajveer Gupta – Gold House – 18.81s

3rd Altamash Hussain – Blue House – 19.46s

Syed Sufiyan Zia set a new record of 15.05 seconds

The Students of the classes VI, VII and VIII were up next with their Drill, Fox on the Run, in which they were dressed up as Red Indians, dancing around their superbly made Teepees.

The Inter House Fast Cycle Race ‘O’ Division was up next.

The results of which were as follows:

1st JeewanNeupane – Red House - 4:39.40

2nd Udain Srivastava – Green House -4:49.50

3rd AtharvaJaiswal – Gold House – 4:54.56

The Inter House Tug-O-War Finals between the Blue and the Red Houses was held, in which the Red House defeated the Blue House.

The 1974 Batch of St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj honouredKanha Mishra, the ICSE Board Examination 2017 topper the Fr.Rego Award with a coveted signature coat and a memento.

The Old Boys above 40(100MetreRace) was next.

The results of which were as follows:

1st Andrew Haqq

2nd AtulMaheshwari

3rd Brijesh Pandey

The Old Boys below 40(100 Metre Race) was up next.

The results of which were as follows:

1st YasharthSonkar

2nd Yusuf Khan

3rd Vishesh Pandey

The batch of 1967 presented 33 bedsheets to the Support Staff.

This was followed by the Final March Past. The Guest of Honour, Rev. Fr. Louis Mascarenhas addressed the gathering, in which he said that he was extremely happy and proud to be witness to the Sports. He felt that the legacy of St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj is being carried beyond all expectations. He said he was happy to see all his friends especially the old boys. He observed that the entire city gets involved in the Sports, praising the Principal, Rev. Fr. Rolfie D’Souza on the success of the Meet and on the splendid discipline maintained throughout the Programme. Then he blessed all who were present.This was followed by the Prize Distribution in which the following awards were won by:










The Vote of Thanks was given by the College Captain, Yashasvi Raj, followed by the National Anthem.

The Beating of the Retreat marked the end to the Sports, 2017 where all the hard work, athletic discipline and sportsmanship spirit of the students had finally paid off.

The splendid Laser Display was a spectacular conclusion to thePost Centenary XXXIII Annual Athletic Meet and P.T. Display, 2017 at St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj.

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