College Captain's Message
01 College Captain's Message 2022-2023

Antariksh Johri

Being a Josephite is in itself a proud feeling and it gives me immense pleasure to pen down my message as the College Captain of my patron, St.Joseph's College. A big thank you to the Principal, the management and everyone involved in the process of selecting me for the honourable and prestigious post of this exceptional institution.

“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

A team is like a tool set. A single tool cannot do all the job, but with teamwork, something even incredible and miraculous can happen. So let's join hands to make our college hustle hard in every field and to make the college flag flying all over the sky across all formats. Leadership is not confined to designation, it is about the impact, the inspiration and the motivation that hustles others with confidence. I, as the College Captain, promise to go all nine yards to bring glory to my honourable school and to lead as an example. I would want each office bearer to abide by the following three aspects going forward. Firstly Fortitude, which means the ability to have mental and emotional strength to cope up with challenges. Secondly, Passion which will drive you to think innovatively and move forward. And lastly Relentlessness, in pursuit of success and excellence in each and every task you perform.

I feel as if all these memories, some dim, some elusive and some clear as crystal, tell me that school is so much more than just grades, uniform, discipline and assignments. I can’t believe that such a long time has passed and it sends a chill down my spine just when I think how beautifully and amazingly this institution has carved my upbringing and personality and has kept up with the values and ideals it always stood for. Being a passionate and a loyal leader,I’ll try my level best to help the students to accomplish their inspirational grades and I assure you that I'll leave no stone unturned to make our school reach unscaled heights.

St Joseph's College has been an integral part of my life and I owe all my achievements to the institution. I think it's time for me to pay back for the value addition this school has done in my life. So, I, Antariksh Johri, would try to take forward the enlightening and indwelling vision of our principal and administration.I promise that I will coordinate and cooperate with every student and will work with zeal,devotion and determination to produce fruitful results with innovation and novelty.I'll make sure that I lead by example and in my journey as the office bearer, all the students of SJC become better humans along with keeping the child within themselves awake and our holy institution achieves greater heights of Glory in the coming time. I'll surely uphold the sincerity and honour of my post and will give utmost and proud results to my school, upholding the motto of our college So, my dear fellow Josephites, let us pledge to unite and show the strength of St. Joseph's College to the world....!!!

"Semper Sursum."
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