College Captain's Message
01 College Captain's Message 2017-2018

Yashasvi Raj

The popular rap artist, Eminem, in his Grammy award winning song, Not
Afraid, sang –

We'll walk this road together, through the storm
Whatever weather, cold or warm
Just letting you know that you're not alone
Holler if you feel like you've been down the same road

His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr.RaphyManjalay, Principal Rev. Fr. Rolfie D’Souza, Vice Principal Rev. Fr. Joseph Sagayanathan, Headmaster Rev. Fr. Titus Lobo, Administrator Mr. A. McGowan, parents, teachers, and young men of St. Joseph’s College,I feel absolutely honoured and humbled, reaching out through the portals of the school website, as captain before you. Gentlemen of the cabinet, on 21st July 2017, we took an oath as office bearers of this esteemed institution. Holding a post at St. Joseph’s College has a lot of prestige attached to it. The city of Allahabad and its people view us with regard and admiration. We have a lot of expectation resting on our shoulders. It is up to us, to match up to them. The only way to do that, brothers, is if we take our office as a responsibility, as an honour, as a duty to give back to the school to which we owe our childhood. We are the chosen few among the many who have aimed to be here. It is now upon us to live up to the trust and faith reposed in us by the administration.

It is said that leadership is unlocking one’s potential to become better. So, go ahead gentlemen, exploit your abilities. Use your potential to the best you can and when the session ends 8 months from now, you’ll see the difference this badge pinned across your chest made to you.

Fellow students, in my experience of the 12 years I have been in this hallowed institution, discipline and respect have been the distinguishing features of one’s character. I urge you all today, as your college captain to always bear in mind that the bond we make with teachers is invaluable. Further, reverence for the teachers, cooperation with the administration, respect towards the support staff and lastly, brotherhood and solidarity with each other will make us an unbeatable and invincible TEAM.

I am reminded of the time when we were practicing for Josephest last year. The entire school had a role to play. Right from the opening ceremony by the students of the middle school to the backstage and on stage help and performances by the high school students. The event was a perfect display of how each and every cog in the wheel is important. The teamwork shown by the entire school was admirable and that is something I am looking forward to seeing this year as well.

This brings me to the plans I have I in mind for this academic session. Our generation, the generation I’d like to call of fidget spinners and memes, our generation must pay as much attention to extra curriculars, as we do to academics. The many associations and clubs in school give us a perfect opportunity to do so. A school where every student is following his dream, chasing his passion, excelling in his activities – that is my vision for St. Joseph’s College this year.

Josephites, when we exit from the blessed portals of this school, we want to leave behind a legacy. We want to be remembered – remembered for good. They only way for that dream of ours to come true is if we aspire to make a difference. There will be a lot of our younger brothers looking up to us. If each of us is able to influence even one of them in a positive way, is able to make a difference in their attitude or in their life, consider this dream fulfilled. We need to lead by example, gentlemen. The red and yellow brick buildings are something we’ll remember when we’re old and grey, but it is the people, the living souls of teachers and fellow students, who will remember us, and our legacies.

A word to those who could not manage to get a post this year – do not lose heart, my friends. You still have your individuality and personality. Nobody can take that away from you. In fact, work doubly hard and at the end of the year, show what you were, and are capable of.

To finish my speech, I’d like to quote from a book, The Greatest Guide, by Robin Sharma – “Learn more than is normal. Laugh. Cry. Stay Humble. Be kinder than expected. Shatter your limits. Inspire others. Dream big but start small. Act Now. Don’t Stop. Change the world!”

I thank you for giving this message a read. May the glory of our school continue to shine and may our brotherhood continue to grow! Sempur Sursum! Always Aim High!

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