Bishop's Message


I deem it my proud privilege to speak to you & greet you through the new website St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj. Overwhelmed with joy, I send my affectionate greetings & blessings to the Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Head Master, all the staff members-teaching & non-teaching & all our students on this happy occasion. May it bring forth added joy to all those who contribute towards this educative, memorable & effort painstaking. No doubt this is yet another way to explore the creativity, imagination & communication.

Today, the values of brotherhood, unity, justice, in our present day society is slowly deteriorating, due to which great challenges are posed before our lives. These days, the worldly needs & situations before us may tempt us to take short cuts. However, one who abides ever against these challenges proves victorious & successful in life. Perseverance is one of the secrets of success. If we keep moving towards our goal, never quitting, we shall eventually reach it, as the College motto: “Semper Sursum”- “Aim Always High” points to each one, specially our students.

Here I want to place on record the selfless & untiring services rendered by Reverend Father Rolfie D'Souza, the Principal for the last 5 years & Reverend Father Joseph Sagayanathan as the Vice Principal for the past two years along with the committed teaching & non teaching members of the staff & all the co-workers who unitedly work for the all round growth of St. Joseph’s College, Prayagraj. The students who daily cross the portals of this “Temple of Learning” need also to be congratulated, along with their parents, guardians & well wishers of St. Joseph’s College. I wish them every success also in their future endeavors.

Jesus said, “I leave you peace, my peace I give to you.” Indeed, he was speaking of peace, which the world cannot give. Each individual must find time to experience that peace, being united with God. When such an individual who finds inner peace, shares that peace with the other, our earth will become a holy place to live in. We will, thus, be able to create a just & humane society where love, brotherhood, peace, justice & unity would prevail. Then there will be no extremism- ‘athanhwad’, corruption, bribery, fundamentalism, casteism, injustice & all sorts of ills prevalent in the present society, which cause unrest, imbalance in values & above all the absence of brotherhood & unity.

Once again, my message is that every student must keep oneself up to motto of St. Joseph’s College: “Aim always high”, as high as the sky to be good citizens & leaders of our beloved country, India.

With every good wish, loving greetings & blessings.