College Captain's Message
01 College Captain's Message 2021-2022

Mohammad. Aabis Islam

It's an honour for me as the College Captain to be able to convey my message to you through our college's website and before I carry forward my message I want to thank our beloved Principal, Rev. Fr. Thomas Kumar, our Vice Principal, Rev. Fr. Anil Michael, Headmaster Rev. Fr. George Medepalli, our Administrator Mr. A McGowan and our Staff Coordinator Mr. Jyoti Dube for investing in me their faith and the responsibilities that come along with the post of College Captain.

I, along with the other office bearers took the oath to strive to the best of our abilities to live up to the ideals of SJC and fulfill all the duties entrusted to us under probably the most challenging and uncertain situation of the pandemic. The circumstances under which I got the opportunity to be the Captain of SJC is something that I could never have predicted.

While the red walls of SJC witness silence and is almost desolate vis-à-vis how it used to be and while our meetings that used to take place in the library or the reading room get replaced with the meetings on Zoom and Google Meet, I as the College Captain, promise to act on the oath I took to stand tall in these dark times with poise and aplomb and inherit the spirit and strength that SJC is known for. I am sure that this unique state of affairs will bring out the uniqueness in my leadership and the leadership of my fellow office bearers and will motivate us to be someone special and to do something special for SJC. I feel enraptured to lead an amazing pool of talent and work with them to render service to our College.

Now that I am able to reach out to a wider audience, there are a few things that I wish to tell you all, particularly my juniors who aspire to be the leaders of SJC -
Josephites, at any point of time you are carrying, not just the image of yourself, but the image of SJC with you and it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure that we preserve and protect both the images. When you become leaders and when you step into our shoes, make sure that you treat your badges not as awards but as
symbols of responsibilities that are invested in you. Your achievements will only be defined by how responsible you are in carrying out those responsibilities and that will be your award.

Never forget those people who were with you through thick and thin and the ones who played and will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping you - your parents, teachers, friends, seniors and opponents. It is their love, care, guidance and criticism that will make you a better person. At the end of the day each one of us is different instruments of an orchestra named SJC and it is incumbent on all of us to play our tunes for the orchestra to play its symphony. At the end of the day we are the fruits of the same tree and we need to always have each other's backs and show the true spirit of camaraderie or as Pitbull would say,

"Show the world we are one".
I won't quote any famous personality who I think will inspire you all because I believe we choose our own ways of getting inspired, so in the end I just want to tell you to enjoy the moment before it becomes a memory and make sure that the whole is always larger than the sum of its parts. That's the message from the College Captain of the batch of 2021-22. Thank you for reading.

"Semper Sursum."
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