Teachers' Farewell
01 St. Joseph’s College bids adieu to Mr A.Mcgowan and Mrs. M.Wright

“Great is the art to begin but greater is the art to end.” – H.W. Longfellow

On 21st of April 2017, the St. Joseph’s College bid farewell to two of our senior most teachers -Mr. Aubrey McGowan and Mrs. Maureen Wright- not by remorse but by celebrating the days they gave to this prestigious institution.

Mr. Aubrey McGowan, also known as the Voice of SJC joined the College in 1978 as a young man looking out at the world of opportunities. He worked at this institution with honesty, sincerity and discipline for a tenure of 39 years and he will always remain in the hearts of all his colleagues as well as his students. Mrs. Maureen Wright gave 31 years to this college and served with honour and prestige as librarian. She joined the College in July 1986. In her tenure, she has seen over 5 Principals and has served as a librarian for over thousands of students and will remain in the hearts of the SJC family forever.

The event commenced by the Principal Rev. Fr. Rolfie D’Souza , the Vice-Principal Rev. Fr. Leslie Cutinah, the Head Master Rev. Fr. Albert Lobo and Rev. Fr. George escorting the two guests of honour to the dais after which a special prayer was delivered by Mrs. L Gaffney. Bouquets were presented to Mr. McGowan and Mrs. Wright by the various members of the SJC Family. The Principal of the College Rev. Fr. Rolfie D’Souza gave bouquets to both Mr. McGowan and Mrs. Wright, The Head Master Rev. Fr. Albert Lobo and Rev. Fr. George presented a bouquet to Mr. McGowan and Mrs. Wright respectively. The Office and the Support Staff also presented flowers to the teachers. Then, the College Captain Yashasvi Raj gave the command for the various squads of different houses to march.

The Students of class LKG and Prep displayed their dancing talents in front of the whole school which was followed by the floral greeting ceremony by the students of the Junior and the Senior sections. Then, Mrs. Maureen Wright gave a speech in which she inspired the students by motivating them and wished the students a bright and prosperous future. The College Head Marshal Rishik Talwar and the College Captain Yashasvi Raj spoke on Mrs. Wright and Mr. McGowan respectively and thanked them for their service to this prestigious College. The Principal Rev. Fr. Rolfie D’Souza also thanked the teachers for their unwavering dedication and unfathomable knowledge. Mr. McGowan was then invited to the dais to speak. In his signature voice, he thanked the students for their love and who, according to him, were the source of his undying motivation and unbeatable dedication. He said that no matter what happens, life is full of changes but the one thing which should remain constant is that the inner self must strive for what is true and what is right. He emphasized that with dedication nothing is impossible and if accompanied by hard work then it is the sky which is the limit. The College Head Prefect Vedansh Ojha delivered the vote of thanks. The Farewell Ceremony ended with the singing of the National Anthem paying homage to the Nation.

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